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Last weekend I got confronted with the mess in my studio (http://sachakay.hartvanfrankrijk.com/?p=179). And decided to do something about it right away. It turned out to be a massive project: I worked on it every day of this week. What can I say? I’m thorough?

Sunday I started with dragging an old oak cabinet that was still standing in the barn into my studio (Thanks Dad!).

Then I went from a messy studio to an indoors landfill.



Of course I had help from Prince Lucius I, who was sending over his Zen from his new spot in front of the window.

There was a lot of stuff I said goodbye to:


And the result?


Thanks to my Dad for the cone-holder!!!


I’m so happy with my clean studio!

And look what I found:


Beautiful inspirational stuff!

And who knows how the rest of my house (and life!) will evolve? A friend of mine made me listen to Peggy Doolittle’s ‘De-junking Your Life’, I’m only at disc 2 from the 6…

She’s got really valuable and interesting things in her workshop. I really like the Laws of Stuff:

  • Stuff breeds;
  • Useless Stuff crowds out Good Stuff;
  • Dust loves Stuff;
  • Stuff loves to stay where it lands;
  • Over time, Stuff becomes invisible (to You, not to Others!!!);
  • Stuff will expand to fit the space available;
  • Stuff has a powerful effect on your mind;
  • Stuff doesn’t make you happy;
  • Over time, Stuff will make you unhappy.

    I just might attack my clothing-Stuff the first week of September.

    What will be your De-Junking project?



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