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More items and more information on these items, you can find here: http://www.etsy.com/treasury/4c5fdb64d2856d91c26e40aa/birthday-girl?index=0


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My Monday Moodboard:


More items and more information on these items, you can find here: http://www.etsy.com/treasury_list.php?room_id=136238

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<<Yeah! I’ve got a featured post!>>

While I was bothering you with my blog on how I got to be a member of a social network (aka productivity leak) for yarn addicts, I didn’t want to bother you (felt guilty) with another community I became a member on.

The Hive: CreatingTheHive.com – Your Crafts Community

I didn’t really know what to expect from this. And got a bit sceptical when I saw ‘blog’ as a tab.

“Oh great! Yet another website I have to go and write blogs on to have people to get to know me”, was one of the thoughts that crossed my mind.


This network site for Bizzy Bees has a very need feature: it imports a blog through RSS.


Although I am a busy person, I’m rather lazy than tired, so to speak.

So I added the link to my RSS-feed ‘et voilà’, all my blog posts were on The Hive! With one click of my mouse. Including all the pictures. Sigh. Don’t you just love how technology can make your life so much easier?

But that wasn’t all of the story.

To my surprise I found three Sacha Kay followers and four comments on a blog post, less than a day after my membership. And even some ‘likes’ to other blogposts.

Despite my Etsy membership and effort to find fellow crafters (through FaceSpace and Twitter) who like to leave short messages in all sorts of ways, my blog wasn’t overflowing with comments or any other signs that people actually read my blogs. And here it is: after one day on The Hive, prove that people actually read what I write.

It turned out they made my blog on the recycled clasp bag a “Featured Post”, including need little bee with a heart!

Crafting Community Crafting in The Hive

This website made my world a bit of a happier place today. I hope it can do your crafting world some good too!!!


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Today (my Monday, your Tuesday) I finished another nightgown. This one I made from about 40 year old cotton fabric. It has a pattern of pretty tulips in the colours red / pink / light blue on an off-white background.

The soft and tender touch of this vintage fabric feels very comfortable on the skin. It’s like a Spring breeze.


 nightgown002e nightgown002 nightgown002a

This ankle long nightgown is one happy comfort-zone. Since I finished my white nightgown, I never looked at my old sweater and matching pants again! Wearing a nightgown likes this, makes me feel really feminine and almost like a princess!

And yes: my husband finally stopped humming ‘Monday, Monday’.

I’ll put this nightgown in my Etsy shop any day soon, so pay attention! (or just send me an e-mail for more information).


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MMB001aMMB001dMMB001cBut I'm Not Even Tired

This Monday’s moodboard: Beyond Tired.

Top left: Lassothemoon  

Top right: Krize

Bottom left: Matchstickgirl

Bottom right: KarenLHoward

All members of Etsy. Only two of the EuropeanStreetTeam.

Gonna try and get some sleep now…


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Although Hogi Bag sounds less insulting to a bag this feminin and elegant. It’s a girl’s bag, not for boys!

While preparing for my trip to Amboise, it came to mind that I once bought a nice piece of fabric with the name ‘Amboise’.

Amboise fabric from Paris - Sacha Kay

What I particularly liked about this fabric, is that it’s a Parisian fabric, with tulip-like flowers on it. Since I’m Dutch and living in France, it made me decide to buy it.

Oh. And because I really, really liked it, of course.

I wasn’t really sure what bag to take with me on my trip, so I decided to turn the fabric into a roomy sized hobo-bag. Both looking elegant and casual, it’s the perfect bag! (and it makes my hips look smaller in my black dress;))

Amboise Hobo (Hogi) bag - Sacha KayAmboise Hobo (Hogi) bag - Sacha Kay

It’s big enough to put half my house in it.

So. This one is coming with me, but I’ll be most happy to sew a new one in case someone wants to have one too!

I put it in my Etsy store (http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=34921591), that will be closed for the next week.

Take care y’all! I’ll be back in no-time, filled with inspiration given to me by old Chateaux…


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I really should have found out about Etsy years ago.  It’s amazing how this ‘community’ (it isn’t really that, but I couldn’t think of another description) has already changed my life.

It started with finding out about the European Street Team. A group of Etsy people from Europe who joined each other. I thought it would be a nice idea to ‘meet’ other crafters from Europe and see what they’re up to. So I clicked around and stumbled upon their blog (http://www.europeanst.blogspot.com/). And I couldn’t help myself, I just had to click on the link that said ‘Weekly Challenge’…

The most beautiful felt I’ve ever seen smiled at me.

Inger's 'Under The Sea' Felt - Sacha Kay

It was made by Ingermaaike in last week’s challenge ‘Under the Sea’.

This week’s challenge, however, turned out to be ‘Mythology’.


There it was, the small lightbulb hanging over my head that started to shine brightly. I instantly thought about the fabric I must have lying about somewhere… Where was it? I completely emptied out my closet (of course I didn’t, everything’s needly organised, but overdramatizing makes my story a bit better, don’t you think;)). And there it was: Olympus, Paris.

The fabric was inspired by the House of Gods (Homerus’ interpretation of the Olympus Mountain) and shows a pattern in Toile de Jouy style in beige and off-white.

Olympus fabric Paris - Sacha Kay

Thinking it would make a nice messenger bag.

Neeeeh, not elegant enough.

Thinking it would make a nice purse.

Neeeeh, too elegant.

It had to be something both tough and feminin. Hey: let’s try and make an elegant bag with an extra long strap so it can be worn messenger-bag-style.


I put it into my Etsy store (http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=34867185) and asked Inger what I had to do to enter the challenge. Within half an hour she Convo’d me (yeah, that’s ‘Etsies’ for sending private messages) that she liked the bag and added it to her challenge. You can see it here:


I’m so really proud and happy, happy, happy!

Since I’m leaving to Amboise tomorrow (speaking of which… got a nice fabric with that name lying somewhere…), I think I’m gonna go and have to pack my bag now (and not go and look for that fabric, Sacha…).

Have a nice weekend! I’ll be back Thursday next week!


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