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Last weekend I got confronted with the mess in my studio (http://sachakay.hartvanfrankrijk.com/?p=179). And decided to do something about it right away. It turned out to be a massive project: I worked on it every day of this week. What can I say? I’m thorough?

Sunday I started with dragging an old oak cabinet that was still standing in the barn into my studio (Thanks Dad!).

Then I went from a messy studio to an indoors landfill.



Of course I had help from Prince Lucius I, who was sending over his Zen from his new spot in front of the window.

There was a lot of stuff I said goodbye to:


And the result?


Thanks to my Dad for the cone-holder!!!


I’m so happy with my clean studio!

And look what I found:


Beautiful inspirational stuff!

And who knows how the rest of my house (and life!) will evolve? A friend of mine made me listen to Peggy Doolittle’s ‘De-junking Your Life’, I’m only at disc 2 from the 6…

She’s got really valuable and interesting things in her workshop. I really like the Laws of Stuff:

  • Stuff breeds;
  • Useless Stuff crowds out Good Stuff;
  • Dust loves Stuff;
  • Stuff loves to stay where it lands;
  • Over time, Stuff becomes invisible (to You, not to Others!!!);
  • Stuff will expand to fit the space available;
  • Stuff has a powerful effect on your mind;
  • Stuff doesn’t make you happy;
  • Over time, Stuff will make you unhappy.

    I just might attack my clothing-Stuff the first week of September.

    What will be your De-Junking project?



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    Inspired by a blogpost from Joni Nickrent at The Hive (http://creatingthehive.com/blog-post/1882/come-share-your-inspired-spaces-creative), I thought it was time for some reflecting on my own studio (or “atelier'” in French).

    This is my space:

    Studio 1

    Studio 2

    With some objects I just really like (just to pick a few):




    I’m admitting.

    This is what my studio used to look like. While I was creating the studio itself.

    It took me a day to overthink, but I dare telling the truth.

    It’s a mess now. (somehow this sounds like an understatement) 

    A cluttered mess. I still know exactly where to find my things, but I just have to admit: It Doesn’t Really Look Organized.

    And I’m an Organizer, a Systemizer. Yet my system and organisation don’t look all that systematical and organized to others…

    I’ve made some pictures to show what I’m talking about:

    studio001c studio001b studio001a

    Yes. It’s a mess. But I could live with that. It’s my mess. I have to deal with it. I have to work in it.

    Then I got to overthink the inspirational part. And that’s where my clutter goes wrong. It doesn’t really inspire. I’ve got lots of nice inspirational stuff in my studio. But they are mostly covered with pieces of fabric, paper, wool and other things.

    So. I’ve got a new mission. A new project. Work on my studio. Show the world I’m very proud to have this beautiful room to work in. I still recall the days I didn’t have this room. That really meant no sewing. Drama!

    I’m going to honour my studio. I’ll declutter it and make it look need. And thén I’m gonna work on the inspiration it can give me!

    Oh. And don’t go and Google ‘craft studio’ when you’re having a messy studio like I have. It made me feel really bad looking at those organised and beautiful craft studios!!! I’m re-Googling it when my own studio is back to order. Just to see if I can find inspiration from them.

    To be continued…


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