I make lots of things. Yet my Etsy store is mostly always empty. One could doubt my productivity as a result from that.

But I have to correct here.

Of course I’m not as productive as I would like to be. I should spent less time online and more time in my ‘atelier’, yet I don’t. I love to blame the lack of hours in one day, though!

A lot of the things I make don’t ever make it to the Etsy store. They often don’t even make it to my blog (I’m trying to be a better person on that matter now, though).

There are two stores who sell my items. And there are customers who place direct (custom) orders. And of then there’s me, of course. Every once in  a while I like to make something for myself.

Recently I’ve made a bunch of cats. I already sold most of them, but there’s a trio that’s still available for adoption. I didn’t put them on Etsy, because I thought that the shipping costs would be too high on these lovely creatures.



I loved making them, they make the world a happier place.




I’ve been busy.

Not sewing. Not knitting. Not cleaning the house. Not administrative chores. Not regular work.

All things I should have been busy on. But nope.

I’ve been creating a members page on a network site.

I heard you there!!! Commenting like that was just what I needed, another productivity leak…

But this is a nice one. A systemize one. An organize one.

It makes me organize all my knitting projects ánd yarn stack.

And meanwhile I can show my projects off and keep track on how my project progresses.

It’s great!

I’m pretty sure it’ll stimulate me to grab my needles at least some bit on a day. Just to show everyone that there’s progress.

Since there are only knitters and other yarn-addicts (crocheters, spinners, etc.), I feel like I have to prove myself.

Of course I can’t prove that I actually created this account, since the website is ‘members only’. So you just have to trust me on it.
Oh well. I can imagine that is too hard to some of you, so I’ll post a screenshot here.


Are you a knitter? Or other Yarn-Addict? Become a member and look me up. Or just look me up if you already are a member.

Thank you, iMadeItSo, to lead me to this website!


Etsy Treasury

It’s been a long time I haven’t been on Etsy. I just found that they changed something on the treasuries. I could just make one? Without any problem, watching clocks, counting, being too late, frustrated, going east or not?

Anyways: I made a Treasury.


Not too original, but hey: I was so overwhelmed to be able to make a treasury, that I wasn’t really prepared!


Monday Monday

Today (my Monday, your Tuesday) I finished another nightgown. This one I made from about 40 year old cotton fabric. It has a pattern of pretty tulips in the colours red / pink / light blue on an off-white background.

The soft and tender touch of this vintage fabric feels very comfortable on the skin. It’s like a Spring breeze.


 nightgown002e nightgown002 nightgown002a

This ankle long nightgown is one happy comfort-zone. Since I finished my white nightgown, I never looked at my old sweater and matching pants again! Wearing a nightgown likes this, makes me feel really feminine and almost like a princess!

And yes: my husband finally stopped humming ‘Monday, Monday’.

I’ll put this nightgown in my Etsy shop any day soon, so pay attention! (or just send me an e-mail for more information).


MMB001aMMB001dMMB001cBut I'm Not Even Tired

This Monday’s moodboard: Beyond Tired.

Top left: Lassothemoon  

Top right: Krize

Bottom left: Matchstickgirl

Bottom right: KarenLHoward

All members of Etsy. Only two of the EuropeanStreetTeam.

Gonna try and get some sleep now…


Pure Linen

And yes: another project finished.

I work in a 400 years old environment with walls from natural stones and lots of old oak wood.

Therefore I decided I wanted to have a skirt to blend into that environment. And what’s better for that 4 centuries old feeling than pure unbleached linen? Right. There isn’t. Besides rough leather, but that’s a slight bit too kinky for my taste.

So linen is what I used to create this skirt with.

Of course the fabric is still a little rigid (and itchy), but it will become better and better while wearing it.

Linen skirt, detail

 Linen Skirt, Front, Sacha Kay  Linen Skirt, back, Sacha Kay

I really like to work with this rough linen fabric and find it a challenge to use it for less obvious projects.

Now if only I could think of a matching shirt, bag and hat…

For now? I’m blending in partially.


Nighty Night!

Yes. It’s been a while. That really doesn’t mean that I’ve been zipping Champagne and sitting in my garden, between the beautiful rosebushes. Oh well. That too…

But I’ve been doing projects as well. There was just a lack of discipline to put ’em on here. I’m really going to try to be a better person. Really.

I’ll show you the project I finished on working today. It’s a white ankle-length cotton classic nightgown. One I’ve always wanted to have. Never could find one, of course, in my size and length. And now I’ve got one. Yeah!

Sacha Kay's Nightgown

I’m not entirely satisfied. But that’s a good thing, since I’ll be making another one soon.

It’s mostly the ruffles on the armpits I don’t particularly like. While working on it, it felt like a good idea. But I’m in serious doubt now.

Sacha Kay's nightgown: décolleté.

My husband got scared that the next thing I was about to do was to start a band and name it “The Mamas and The Papas”. I’m clueless on what he’s talking about, of course.

Anyways: I’m really looking forward to spend hours in my beautiful nightgown. Just relaxing on the couch with the fireplace burning and a copy of Wuthering Heights. But I guess I’ll have to wait 25 degrees Celsius for that…


P.S. Have you always been looking for a full length snuggly nightgown like this? Send me an e-mail!