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I just put my second Etsy listing online. I’m really proud to have a shop for two days with two items in it. But that’s probably only comprehensive for people who know me?

The second listing is a reversible bag, with another bag to put inside it. They can both be used seperately.

I named it ‘Paris a la Campagne’. The outer fabric is French and ‘Paris-like’. The interior is checkered red and white: the perfect fabric for a picknick in the country.

The pattern of the bag was an existing one, but with some alterations, it got to be way nicer! Now you’ll be having four bags for the price of one.

You have to take a look at the pictures to understand it.

Outside bag:Paris a la Campagne - Checkered fabric outside - Sacha KayParis a la Campagne - French fabric outside - Sacha Kay

Inside bag:

Paris a la Campagne - Inside bag - Sacha KayParis a la Campagne - Inside bag - Sacha Kay

To get more information on the bag (and be able to buy it;)) have a look at my Etsy listing:


I think this bag most definately qualifies as ‘happy bag’. I know it’s able to put a smile to my face.



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