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Top Secret

Of course it’s always a good idea to put something that’s Top Secret on the internet. I just couldn’t stay away from sharing this one with you all, though…

The postwoman brought a whole bunch of happiness this morning: two packages straight from the U.S.

Last week I ordered the fabrics that are about to become my mother’s Christmas present. Guess now you know why this post is Top Secret?

About thirty years ago (give or take a few) my mother bought some collectible plates from Villeroy & Boch. The images on those plates are from Cicely Mary Barker and are named ‘The Flower Fairies’. I’ve always really loved those plates.

While looking for fabric for making a quilt to match my pillowcases, I stumbled upon Flower Fairy Fabric. It was just too lovely for words, I just couldn’t resist buying it. I just hope that I’ll be able to turn it into a blanket before Christmas, or otherwise I’ll just have to postpone (I’m really, really good at that!!!) it to Mother’s Day in May.

I bet I got you all curious on the fabric now, haven’t I?!?!

So here’s the picture:

Flower Fairies Fabric - Sacha Kay

Isn’t it just the happiest fabric you’ve seen today? Of course I can’t be sure about that, but I know for sure that receiving this package through the mail, made my world a bit happier today!

I’ll keep you posted on the project!



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I’m so totally happy with what I’ve found!!!

In a store I can’t describe (whatever you can’t find anywhere else, you can buy here), I found fabric samples. Fabric samples? I’ll explain…

Hidden in a small corner of that enormous store, was a clothing rack filled with fabric samples that interior stores use. They were selling it for a real interesting price, so I basically took everything from the rack that didn’t say ‘Evil Twins’ (aka polyester) and walked with my arms filled up with small pieces of very high quality fabric. The best part? Every sample card has the same fabric in several tones.

In the picture only a selection of all the fabric samples I found.

This is what made my world a bit happier yesterday. I’ll keep you posted on what those fabrics will turn into!

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